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Vincent J. Delie, Jr. Chairman, President and CEO F.N.B. Corporation First National Bank THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK DIFFERENCE First National Bank, the largest subsidiary of F.N.B. Corporation (NYSE: FNB), is a growing financial services organization with a long- standing tradition of helping our customers and communities thrive. Throughout more than 150 years of service, we have remained dedicated to providing total money management solutions for our consumer and commercial clients. We have a core business concentration on middle and upper-middle market companies and serve their needs as a value-added partner. MORE INSIGHT FROM FNB You can always look to FNB for expertise on the topics and trends that have the greatest impact on you and your business. In Business Strategies Today, experts from across our Company have covered a wide range of subjects, such as making the most of the economic environment, staying the course to innovation and planning for the future of your business. Just a few of the topics we’ve covered recently include: 02 Navigating through the ever-changing environment surrounding your business can be demanding. Faced with an array of uncertainty ranging from new laws to demographic shifts, decision makers can benefit from a financial partner with an awareness and understanding of how current issues impact a business’s long-term success. In this edition of Business Strategies Today , we provide insight into several critical areas that have experienced recent change. First, our wealth management advisors discuss the importance of succession planning and how they can help ensure you have a mechanism in place to transition your wealth. By working with you to leverage recent changes in U.S. tax law, early planning best practices and alternative income strategies, our experts can help you protect what’s important to you and plan for the unexpected. FNB’s nationally recognized International Banking group provides an overview of recent developments impacting global markets and the products and services we offer clients to reduce risk exposure and to engage in worldwide banking and trade with confidence. Attracting and accommodating a changing workforce made up of Millennials and Generation Z means that location has never been more important. Our Investment Real Estate professionals address how projects, including multifamily apartments, new office space and residential construction in some of the fastest growing markets in the U.S. can fuel additional economic expansion and more lucrative real estate investment opportunities. Finally, we discuss the increasing volatility in the capital markets and how to best take advantage of the current interest rate environment for more competitive rates and terms. We look forward to being your strategic partner as we tackle today’s fast-paced world of change together by building a plan for your continued success. check International Expansion check Interest Rate Risk check Payments Solutions check SBA Loans check Succession Planning check Cybersecurity check Mergers and Acquisitions check And more To review articles that may benefit your business, call us at 1-866-362-4603 or visit