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Phishing scams

are one of the easiest ways for the

bad guys

to get what they need.


ith fewer resources to

dedicate to information

technology (IT) security, small

and mid-sized companies face heightened

risk. A 2013 survey by the Small Business

Administration indicates that nearly half of

small businesses have been compromised by

cybercrime. Engaging in online and mobile

commerce is critical, but makes businesses

more susceptible to common threats like

cybertheft, cyberespionageor cybervandalism.


With the volume of business

conducted online and on the

road, companies are increasingly

vulnerable to cybersecurity risk.

One wrong “click” on a public network

can add malware to your laptop

allowing cybercriminals to monitor

keystrokes. Your every move provides

access to sensitive information, from

your address to your bank accounts.

Businesses are also frequently

compromised by social engineering

schemes, where a hacker may falsely

assume the identity of an employee.

They establish trust by slowly doling

out pieces of personal information via

email, and prove they “know” their

target before requesting confidential

data or monetary transfers. By the

time the target connects the dots

with the impersonated employee,

it is often too late.

Cyberinsurance safeguards your

company against themanyways

criminalsmay strike. It is surprisingly

cost-effective, especially compared to

the potential impact of a data breach

or business disruption. Policies often

offer assistance developing an incident

response plan or reimbursement

for a portion of the cost to access

specialized experts and services.

First National Insurance Agency,

LLC, an affiliate of First National

Bank, represents all major carriers

of cyberinsurance and has proven

expertise identifying each client’s

unique exposure.






To protect yourself and your business, foster

a culture of awareness. Educate your team

and set expectations around password and

email safety. Phishing scams are one of

the easiest ways for the “bad guys” to get

what they need. Every employee should be

informed not to click on links or respond

to requests for sensitive information

without verifying (and double-verifying) the

recipient’s identity.

One of the best ways to protect your

business is to partner with cybersecurity

experts. First National Bank takes pride

in a commitment to best-in-class risk

management, and makes the safety of your

financial information a priority. A team

of professionals, led by FNB’s Director of

Technology Risk Management, is dedicated

to ensuring the integrity of each piece of

information traveling through the Bank, and

to making sure that protection doesn’t slow

you down.

First National Bank offers specially

designed products and services like

Positive Pay to secure business accounts

and drive confidence in the safety of your

data. By comparing check issue information

with data captured during processing, FNB

detects items that don’t match to ensure

checks paid were actually authorized.

And thanks to email alerts, you are aware

of potential issues as they arise.

You also have access to FNB’s ACH

Debit Filter, a service allowing a company

to specify the entities fromwhich it will

accept electronic debits, therefore taking

yet another measure to prevent

fraudulent activity.

Interest in security assistance is at an all-

time high as businesses realize that the best

offense really is an outstanding defense.

At First National Bank, we continuously

develop our expertise to protect our clients

from harm. Educate yourself and your team,

but don’t be afraid to rely on a partner for

whom data security is a full-time job. The

fight against cybercrime is one you don’t

have to face alone.


Ron Graziani


To start a conversation about

your insurance options, contact