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According to Yenner Karto, head of

First National Bank’s International

Banking Services, concerns about those

risks keep many businesses from pursuing

potentially lucrative, even game-changing,

opportunities. Questions about currency,

the language barrier and international

regulations are among the most commonly

cited reasons for holding back.

Foreign exchange (FX)

is one of the more

intimidating aspects of international

business. The FX environment is in

constant flux, so every transaction must

be evaluated against a number of complex

factors. One of the best ways to navigate

that environment is by working with a

financial services provider with expertise

in the international banking arena.

A knowledgeable banking partner can

easily identify your FX exposure and

implement currency hedging strategies

to minimize exchange rate impact on

the bottom line – giving you a chance to

increase competitiveness by buying and

selling in local currency. Sophisticated

organizations like FNB even offer

specialized online banking and FX portals

to keep you connected to your bank

whether you’re in your home office or

managing customer relationships across

the globe.

But perhaps the most important thing

to look for in a partner is just that -

Partnership. Technology goes a long way

towards making international business

easier, but at the end of the day, you

want to be able to lean on your provider

for more. You want knowledgeable

counsel on trends, risks and cutting edge

opportunities. You want to know that

your provider understands your business,

and is dedicating time to help you make

thoughtful decisions.

First National Bank’s team of international

banking experts puts a premium on the

client relationship. You will receive the

same superior support whether you are

closing a small transaction with a vendor in

another country, or are looking at a robust

overseas growth strategy – backed by the

expertise necessary to help maximize your

opportunities while minimizing your risk.

Don’t let the unknown stop you from

exploring opportunities which could make

a real difference for your business. Find an

international banking provider to help you

analyze the right place to get started.


First National Bank delivers

sophisticated international banking

capabilities with reliable service you

can trust. FNB recently launched an

enhanced suite of services including:

International payments through the

Society for Worldwide Interbank

Financial Telecommunication

(SWIFT) network

FNB FX-Online, a proprietary state-

of-the-art foreign exchange platform

providing the latest technology and

security in payment processing

Delegated Lender Authority through

the Export-Import Bank of the United

States, meaning you have faster

access to the capital you need

Yenner Karto leads a team of experts

specializing in international banking

and risk management services,

including foreign exchange, trade

financing, global trade and treasury

management solutions.

Near instant communication and drastically enhanced data capabilities

make it possible for

businesses of all sizes

to get involved in the global

arena. Whether through decreased manufacturing costs, increased

sales or new revenue channels, foreign markets offer exciting avenues

for growth. Of course they also pose a number of

challenges and risks.


Banking Expertise

Yenner Karto


To start a conversation about

international business, contact